The Lloyd farm continues to be handed down and expanded with each generation.  At present, the 3rd and 4th generation Lloyd owners are working together to maintain this beautiful farm that we love so much.

We don't ever take a day for granted...we work hard every day on the farm, whether it's around the house, in our gardens, or in our barns.  We are a genuine Virginia working farm growing many different crops throughout the year, providing hay and pasture management services, and performing estate management and construction services throughout central VA.

With over 600 acres, it has always been our dream to share our farming experience and locally grown produce and meats with friends and neighbors.  We are finally able to make our dream a reality. 

We opened Lloyd Family Farms to the public in the Fall of 2013 with our first pumpkin patch quickly followed by a new Christmas farm experience in December, 2013. 

Every year, we are continuing to improve on these programs and we have added birthday parties, weddings, hay and pasture management to our farm service offerings.  

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